COLT FIREARMS- Elisha Colt - Attorney
Autographed Letter Signed, "Elisha Colt, atty, " written to a well known New Orleans arms dealer, Hartford, March 25, 1852. 1p. plus integral blank, docketed on verso. Old fold lines. Minor foxing. Small hole to integral blank, caused by removal of stamp. Very good. A letter from the Colts to Armand Soubie in New Orleans, written and with both signatures signed by Elisha Colt, concerning shipments of revolvers being sent to him and problems in receiving said shipments. The Colts promise that one box of twenty-four Navy pistols will be on its way, noting that the small pistols he ordered have not been made, and it will be some more months before they are ready for shipment. They close with a promise that they will investigate Box Number One, which had been sent in February but never arrived. Soubie was a New Orleans gunsmith and dealer with wide-ranging business interests, including supplying weapons to the Texas population and people traveling to California via Chagres or the Horn. He was an avid fan of Colt's revolvers. Great display with a pair of non-firing Colt Derringers in a wooden box.