Thomas Paine
London 1792. Printed for H. D. Symonds and Thomas Clio Rickman, 1792. 40pp. Complete. While Thomas Paine is best known for his pamphlet titled Common Sense, it should not be forgotten that he wrote multiple other, massively important pieces of literature as well. One example of this is his piece Letter Addressed to the Addressers of the Late Proclamation. In this piece, Thomas Paine rejects the new legislation that forced citizens to appeal to Parliament for change. Rather, he insists that British radicals call a national convention and establish a republican government. Paine was very offset by the fact that legislation was being put in place by local elites who had no finger on the pulse of the majority. In addition to this, another topic for Paine was the judicial system in Britain. Paine describes how prejudice juries and crown-lawyers were content on not seeking liberty for those on trial in front of them. More importantly, Paine argues that those serving the court system will not allow for a further investigation into what liberties individuals deserve. This piece is an original printing of the pamphlet and was printed in 1792. Boards display some light wears. Overall Fine.