700 LTR McMillan .308 Sniper M40A1
.308 LTR Remington 700 action installed by McMillan in their M40A1 Stock, professionally applied Camouflage by ROBAR, Leupold Mark IV 3.5-10 Scope. Includes Bipod, Scope/Muzzle covers and Drag Bag.

The Stock is the ADJ HTG which adds an adjustable cheekpiece to the McMillan's HTG stock, the original M40A1 Marine Sniper Rifle Stock. The ADJ HTG includes texture on the forend and the pistol grip. A recessed track on the bottom positions the bipod attachment where needed to make the shot.

This custom Sniper Rifle is the result of a carefully planned build by a collector who is an experienced tactical and long range shooter. Condition is excellent to like new. Less than 100 rounds fired to zero and test.
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