Notable Books
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Chuck Yeager - Across The High Frontier
James B. Irwin - To Rule The Night
John Glenn - John E. Glenn Astronaut
Alan B. Shepard - America's First Spaceman
Douglas Corrigan - That's My Story
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. - Return To Earth
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. - Magnificent Desolation
Richard E. Byrd - Discovery
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. - The Return
John Glenn- John Glenn A Memoir
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. - Encounter With Tiber
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. - Men From Earth
Five "Doolittle Crew Members" - The Doolittle Raid
Walter M. Schirra - Schirra's Space
Dan Quayle - Standing Firm
Bill Bradley - Time Present, Time Past
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. - Magnificent Desolation (2nd Copy)
Mario Cuomo- More Than Words
Gordon Cooper - Leap of Faith
Eugene Cernan - The Last Man On The Moon
Alan B. Shepard - Moon Shot
Clint Eastwood - Biography
Frank Capra - The Name Above The Title
Eddie Rickenbacker - From Father To Son
Simon Wiensenthal - Sails of Hope
Richard E. Byrd - Little America
General Schwarzkopf - It Doesn't Take A Hero
Zbigniew Brzezinski - Power And Principle
Shimon Peres - Battling For Peace
Jimmy Carter - Beyond The White House
Johnny Cash - Man In Black
Norman Rockwell - My Adventures As An Illustrator
Diana Ross - Secrets Of A Sparrow
Bill Bradley - Senator
Paul Simon - Lyrics
Paul Newman & A. E. Hotchner - Shameless Exploitation In Pursuit Of The Common Good
Margaret Thatcher - Statecraft
W. A. Bishop - The People's War Book
Woody Allen - Biography
Brian Wilson - Wouldn't It Be Nice
William F. Halsey - Admiral Halsey's Story
Jimmy Carter - Turning Point
Bob Hope - The Road To Hollywood
George Herbert Walker Bush - A Photographic Profile
Walter Cronkite - His Life And Times
Bob Hope - Confessions Of A Hooker
Leonard Bernstein - Findings
Yitzhak Rabin - Rabin Of Israel
Shirley Temple Black - Child Star
Chuck Berry - Autobiography
John McCain - Faith Of My Fathers
Gerald R. Ford - A Time To Heal
William H. Rehnquist - The Supreme Court
John McCain - Worth The Fighting For
Al Gore - Earth In The Balance
Ted Turner - The Man Behind The Mouth
Dan Jansen - Full Circle
Jonas Salk - The Survival Of The Wisest
Jimmy Carter - Why Not The Best
Jimmy Carter - The Nobel Peace Prize Lecture
George Burns - The Wisdom Of The 90's
Arthur Miller - Death Of A Salesman
Benny Goodman - The King Of Swing
Ray Kroc - Grinding It Out
Groucho Marx - The Groucho Letters
J. C. Penney - View From The Ninth Decade
Rachel Carson - The Edge Of The Sea
Edmund Hillary - High Adventure
Margaret Thatcher - The Path To Power -psa/dna
Margaret Thatcher - The Downing Street Years - psa/dna
Edmund Hillary - High Adventure - psa/dna
Norman Rockwell - My Adventures As An Illustrator