Unless you live in one of a very few restrictive states (for example, NY, NJ, and CA) or you are a really bad guy (like a convicted felon) you too can own a fully automatic machine gun or silencer. The fact of the matter is that in most states if you qualify to buy a handgun you are qualified to own and shoot a machine gun or silencer. Now, let's talk machine guns.

There is no blanket federal law that prevents the private ownership of machine guns. Nor, in most states, is there any prohibition on law abiding citizens owning machine guns. In fact, machine guns are a very wise and lucrative investment. The reason for that is in 1986, Congress passed the Firearms Owner's Protection Act. (Sounds like a good thing, right?) WRONG.

That law banned the manufacture, import, and sale of new machine guns to civilians. Any guns manufactured after May of 1986 cannot be sold or possessed by regular folks. There is, however, over a quarter of a million existing "pre-May" machine guns that are perfectly legal to purchase. (Assuming you aren't prevented from doing so by your state or local laws.) Indeed the most valuable and the most fun ones are the traditional classics like the Thompson or M16.

So, how can machine guns be a great investment? Well, since there are only so many of them out there, and the universe of people who want to own and shoot them is steadily increasing, the price is almost always increasing. For instance, a fully transferable MP-5 submachine gun might sell for $32,000. Now, we know that is a lot of money. Never said they were cheap...just legal. While this gun may cost $32,000 this year, it will probably be worth $36,000 or $38,000 or perhaps even more next year. Unlike stocks, bonds, and mutual funds it is highly unlikely it will ever be worth any less. In hard times it will be worth even more!

This is an investment you can cherish, enjoy shooting, pass on to future generations and even if worse comes to worse, use to defend yourself and your family.

The dealer you buy your gun from usually takes care of the paperwork or handles the transfer to a dealer near you that will. There is a onetime $200 tax on your machine gun or silencer. Unlike a lot of urban myths, the authorities never bother a law abiding citizen about their ownership of a machine gun or silencer. Now...

Aren't these guns dangerous? Well like any firearm, they can be misused. For example; as of 1995, there were over +/- 240,000 machine guns registered by the BATFE nationwide. About half are owned by civilians and the other half by governmental agencies. Since 1934, only one legally owned machine gun has been used in crime, and that was a murder committed by a law enforcement officer (as opposed to a civilian).

What that means is that there is essentially no crime committed by people owning legal machine guns. And since these machine guns are already registered and strictly controlled as to who has them there is little or no "anti-gun" pressure on them.

                                                                          However, times change, politics change, and laws change.

If you have ever considered ownership of a fully automatic weapon NOW is the time to buy. Give us a call and let's get you started on the way to investing in a machine gun. It's simply an investment that is fun!
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